Our success

The Academic Associates Reading Program is so successful because it is:

1. An actual step-by-step method of teaching reading, like building a pyramid one block at a time.
2. Scientifically structured. It is based on the brain's own neural architecture.
3. Carefully layered. Each small step builds on all previous steps. Students show improvement from the very first lesson.

Our Program

At Academic Associates Learning Centers students are taught individually by patient, caring, qualified tutors, and are never embarrassed or blamed for their difficulties. They blossom as old barriers and limitations crumble. Self-confidence and self-esteem escalate rapidly as their abilities increase. Parents are welcome to sit in on the instruction and constant feedback is provided.

Academic Associates Reading Program is a step-by-step reading instruction program that provides necessary tools to help students of any age or reading ability become excellent readers. Our reading tutors work one on one with students developing:

Phonemic awareness
Decoding skills

I believe the Academic Associates program and the one-on-one instruction he received have been the keys to my son's success.

Tina P.