Ethan's reading level went from grade 2 to grade 5. He has a much higher self confidence and even his writing has improved. We are so pleased with the results that we have decided to sign up for the math as well.

Niki A.

I feel very fortunate to have learned about the Academic Associates Program. My 11-year old son was a struggling reader and a frustrated student. He had lost all confidence in his ability to master reading. After countless hours of group tutoring he had all but given up. The positive, encouraging and energetic approach of this program allowed him to learn to read in an environment he thrived in. He now has the tools he needs to read any work and the self-confidence he needs to be a successful student. There are no words to express my gratitude to his instructor for allowing me to be present during the lessons to observe the amazing transformations that took place in my son. We both feel very blessed and thankful for what he has been able to accomplish through this program. I view this as one of the best investments I could have made in my child's future.

Lisa S.

I cannot thank you enough for your work with Elijah during the last year. I am amazed that her gained over seven years in his word attack skills and that his reading comprehension gained four years! He has accomplished so much through his time with you, not only in his reading and comprehension skills but in his confidence as well. The positive, encouraging and caring learning environment you provide makes just as much impact as the skills you teach. I am amazed at what he has accomplished in the short amount of time he was with you. You have blessed our lives immeasurably.

Shannon K.

Such amazing progress! In a little more than one year my child has progressed from 2nd grade to 8th grade reading level. Thank you is simply not enough to express my gratitude. It is such a joy to see him able to do his schoolwork independently.

Judy N.

Britton has come leaps and bounds with her reading. We owe it all to you! Your program is the best hands down. Her grades have improved greatly. Thank you again for all your hard work.

Angela K.

Your program has helped Gabriella so much. I remember how she would struggle with homework. Now she takes great pride in accomplishing her assignments. She has come so far and improved so much in both reading and math. Thank you for your help.


Thanks to Academic Associates Reading Program Abril has advanced in school and her grades have greatly improved. She has more confidence and is like a new girl, full of life and less confusion. I recommend this wonderful program to families who are looking for hope for their children.

Eloisa M.

When we began your reading program a little over a year ago, Trenton was reading at a kindergarten level. We are very proud of the fact that he is now reading at a 3rd grade level. I would recommend your program to any parent that is looking for assistance in helping their child learn to read or enhance current reading skills. We are forever grateful to you for taking the time and effort in helping Trenton learn to read.

Gerron C.

"Now I'm addicted to reading!" Robbie, age 9, increased his reading level by 4 ½ years. He and his 2 brothers all enrolled in Academic Associates Reading Program and made tremendous gains in their reading skills.

"It's great to see my kids enjoying the world of reading."

Marlene M.

Kaci has made tremendous strides in just the few sessions this program. Homework has never been one of her favorite things to do, but this week we saw a major change in her attitude. She brought home her books and started right in on her own. She had both books read and all the comprehension questions answered before we knew it. It is exciting for us, as parents to watch her grow and actually understand what she is doing. We attribute this to Mrs. Debbie and her program. Her patience and hard work has been a blessing.

Sharon M.

As an educator of 20 years I have seen many reading programs but never have I seen a thing as great as Academic Associates. My daughter was very frustrated with reading. As a reading teacher it broke my heart to see her frustration. But Ms. Tina gave her the confidence to become a better reader. She learned so much about words and how to understand what she was reading. I have nothing but praise. Thank you!

Jackie N.

My wife and I want to thank you for all your help with Michael. He was in resource classes for 2 ½ years and with your help he was able to go to general education classes within 9 months. He has been able to stay in general ed. classes all last year. Thank you.

Arnold V.

My son, Cade, started the Academic Associates course a few weeks before he entered third grade. At that time he wasn't able to recognize all the letters of the alphabet and wasn't reading at all. I had worked with him since kindergarten, but his progress had been very limited. Cade progressed rapidly in the Academic Associates program and in just over a year he became a proficient reader. This program gave him the tools he needed to decipher words. At the beginning of his fourth grade year, Cade could easily read sixth grade material. He has learned to love words and reading. I am forever grateful for this amazing gift. I believe the Academic Associates program and the one-on-one instruction he received have been the keys to my son's success.

Tina P.