Common Reading Comprehension Challenges

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Reading comprehension affects how well your child can understand and extract meaning from written text. Many children, from elementary to high school, have challenges in this area. When your child struggles with reading comprehension, reading is a chore.

Common Reading Comprehension Challenges

However, here at Academic Associates Learning Center, we want to make reading a source of enjoyment. Common challenges that we address include:

  • Vocabulary Gaps. Limited vocabulary can hinder understanding as readers may encounter unfamiliar words. Encourage readers to read widely and look up unfamiliar words. Context clues can also help decipher word meanings.
  • Lack of Focus. Distractions or wandering thoughts can disrupt the reading process, making it challenging to retain information. Find a quiet, comfortable place for reading, and minimize distractions like phones or noisy environments. Establish reading goals and objectives for each reading session to maintain focus and purpose.
  • Difficulty Making Inferences. Some readers struggle to draw conclusions or make inferences based on the text they read. Provide explicit instruction on how to make inferences by using clues from the text, context, and prior knowledge. Ask readers questions that require them to infer text information.
  • Lack of Engagement. Readers not engaged with the material may find comprehending and remembering what they read difficult. Encourage readers to select texts that align with their interests and passions. Ask readers to visualize scenes or characters from the text to make it more engaging.

Reading comprehension challenges are common, but they can be overcome with the right strategies and support. At our learning center, we offer one-on-one instruction to improve your child’s reading comprehension skills. Connect with us today to learn more about our programs.