Great Accommodation Ideas for Children with ADHD

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Great Accommodation Ideas for Children with ADHDAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can impact a child’s ability to focus, stay organized, and manage impulses. However, an accommodating learning environment can work wonders for children with ADHD.

We offer several accommodations to encourage learning at our center, including:

  • Flexible Seating Options. Traditional desk-and-chair setups may not be conducive to the needs of children with ADHD. Because we offer one-on-one instruction, we’re flexible about seating. We can find a quiet corner with comfortable seating, sit on the floor, or stand. These choices allow children to move and change positions, promoting better focus and engagement.
  • Visual Schedules and Timers. Visual schedules and timers help children with ADHD manage their time effectively and reduce transition anxiety. We can provide a daily or weekly schedule with clear visuals and use timers to signal when to switch activities. This structure provides predictability and helps us stay on track.
  • Breaks and Movement. Children with ADHD benefit from short, frequent breaks to release excess energy and refocus their attention. Incorporate brain breaks into the daily routine, allowing children to stretch, do quick exercises, or move around. These breaks can re-energize students and enhance concentration.
  • Clear and Concise Instructions. When providing instructions or assignments, keep them clear, concise, and well-organized. Break tasks into smaller steps and use visual cues like charts or diagrams to aid comprehension. Repeat and reinforce instructions when necessary, ensuring students understand the expectations.
  • Individualized Support and Feedback. We recognize that every child with ADHD is unique, so we give individualized support such as regular check-ins, goal setting, and positive reinforcement boosts motivation and self-esteem.

We aim to create an inclusive learning environment where children with ADHD can thrive. Remember that collaboration between our instructors, parents, and students is crucial to that goal. If your child needs help with reading, contact us today to schedule a visit.