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Our reading instructors are committed to helping children succeed.

If your child struggles with reading, it can be difficult to know how to help them and what to do to ensure they are reading at grade level. If you feel like you have tried multiple approaches but want to make sure your child is receiving the support they need to succeed, turn to us at Academic Associates Learning Center.

Reading Instructors in Mesquite, Texas

Our program is run by a team of highly experienced, committed, and capable reading instructors. At our location in Mesquite Texas, our reading instructors are ready to help your child with whatever they need, whether your child has fallen behind or wants to get ahead with their reading skills. We also help children who struggle with reading because of certain learning disabilities, like dyslexia.

Our reading instructors follow a proven strategy and curriculum that helps children make real progress when it comes to their reading skills. Of course, our instructors are a big part of every one of our students’ success, personalizing their approach and providing supportive guidance during every session.

One of our reading instructors would be happy to meet with you and tell you more about our program and how it can help your child individually. To learn more about the reading instructors on our team and our approach to helping children improve their reading and math skills, reach out to us today. Our goal is to continue to change lives through reading success!

At Academic Associates Learning Center, our reading instructors help students in Abilene and Mesquite, Texas.