From A to Z: How Phonic Programs Help Your Child Read

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Phonics are fundamental building blocks of early literacy skills. At Academic Associates Learning Center, we understand the importance of equipping young learners with these skills to lay a strong foundation for their future reading and writing abilities.

From A to Z: How Phonic Programs Help Your Child Read

Here are a few key reasons why phonics programs are at the core of what we teach:

  • Phonics provide a foundation for reading. Phonics programs are the first step toward reading. Children must identify letters and associate them with sounds to decode words and sentences. Phonics bridges the gap by teaching the relationship between letters and sounds.
  • Phonics can help improve spelling skills. Proficiency in phonics helps students spell words more accurately. Understanding letter-sound relationships allows them to spell words phonetically.
  • Phonics programs create more confident readers. Children with strong alphabet recognition and phonics skills feel more confident when reading aloud. They can decode words effortlessly, making reading a more enjoyable experience.

Our Approach to Alphabet Recognition and Phonics

We use a comprehensive approach to set our phonics programs apart. Cliff Ponder, a teacher and principal, developed a step-by-step method of teaching reading that we follow. It includes:

  • Phonics-Based Curriculum. Our curriculum is built around phonics instruction. We teach the individual sounds of each letter and how they blend to form words. This systematic approach helps students become confident readers.
  • One-on-One Instruction. Our approach allows us to give each child personalized attention. Our teachers meet each student’s needs so they can excel.
  • Parental Involvement. We encourage parents to be active partners. We provide resources and tips to help parents support their child’s phonics development at home.

We believe that with a solid foundation in phonics, students are well-equipped to become confident readers and writers. If you’re considering our learning center, contact us today to learn more.