Reading Skills, Abilene, TX

Help your child improve their reading skills.

Reading is the foundation of academic success. If your child struggles with reading, they may dread going to school and struggle in other subjects, including math, history, science, etc. With improvement, your child may find that school becomes easier and that their academic performance drastically improves.

Reading Skills in Abilene, Texas

But how can you help your child improve their reading skills? Turn to us at Academic Associates Learning Center. We have helped countless students in the Abilene, Texas area become confident, fluent, and capable readers by improving their reading skills.

How do we do it? We rely on a proven reading program that helps students improve several aspects of their reading skills, including phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, critical thinking, comprehension, etc. This program builds on each individual skill, allowing for incremental progress and development over time.

Whether your child struggles to read at grade level, has issues with comprehension, or would simply like to be challenged with their skills, we are here to provide helpful, effective instruction. Within just a few sessions, you will likely notice a big difference in your child’s reading skills and their ability to read effectively.

Our instructors provide explicit teaching of each reading skill in addition to providing plenty of opportunity for independent and guided practice. We will provide ongoing feedback and assessment to monitor your child’s progress and adjust our instruction as needed. To learn more about how we can help your child improve their reading skills, please reach out to us today.

At Academic Associates Learning Center, we provide reading skills programs to students in Abilene and Mesquite, Texas.