What to Expect from Our Phonics Programs

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Understanding phonics is essential to reading and reading comprehension. If you have a child with learning disabilities or one who needs extra help with reading comprehension, you can count on us at Academic Associates Learning Center for a unique approach to teaching phonics to your growing reader.

What to Expect from Our Phonics Programs

Here is what you can expect from our phonics programs:

  • One-on-one teaching: Struggling readers can benefit from individualized attention and teaching sessions. Our phonics programs involve one-on-one time between the teacher and student, so the child can receive personalized instruction and attention to help them excel.
  • Focused on words: Our phonics programs help students of any reading level better understand the rules, sounds, and processes used in reading. We focus on the sounds of each letter in the words we read to help your child gain a better understanding of letter sounds and the words on the page.
  • Increased confidence: By the time your child has completed our phonics program, you will find that their reading and reading comprehension have improved and that they are more confident readers overall.
  • Parental support is encouraged: You should also know that we encourage involvement and full support from the parents during our phonics programs. We will invite you to sit in with us throughout the class and provide you with additional resources you can use to further your child’s learning at home.

Understanding phonics is the key to reading and reading comprehension, which is why we offer our phonics programs. Contact us today to learn more.